It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No… It's SUPER PROMO!

  • Jul 6, 2024

Transform any event to celebrate everyday superheroes. From the great heroes around us to those aspiring to become a superhero one day, these promo products can take your fundraiser to the next level! 


eye masks for superheroesEye Masks 

Eye masks are used to keep superheroes in disguise, but there is no hiding from this fun promo product! Perfect for any party or fundraiser, these superhero masks are a sure way to add pizazz to your next event! 



Pencil Heroes

Great for kiddos, these pencil heroes are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!  Write the next best-selling superhero comic with a special pencil topper. Great for schools and charity events! 



Coloring Book: Eco-Superheroes 

Green-Guy and his sister Green-Girl show kids how to do something every single day to save the planet - encouraging them to go green and be Eco-Superheroes, too! Great for any fundraising opportunity or ribbon-cutting event!



Superhero Bracelets 

Transform your party guests into their own superheroes with these superhero-themed rubber bracelets! Brightly colored with fun pop art saying straight from the comics, these rings are perfect for adults and children alike. Everyone will love these party favors, and they are the perfect size for goody bags!



Superhero Keychains 

Support the superhero fandom with these superhero-themed keychains! A great giveaway for comic book enthusiasts, these metal keyrings come adorned with a rubber pendant depicting a popular pop art phrase such as POW! SNAP! and BAM! Great for kids and adults alike, they are a must-have for your next superhero-themed event!


Promo fans, ASSEMBLE! If any of these products are worth a bat signal, give us a call today! 


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