Custom Golf Balls for Ontario Businesses and Events

Golfers use certain balls for any number of reasons. The more casual golfer may use a certain ball out of habit or sentiment, while a more experienced golfer may have chosen a specific brand and weight of golf balls they feel best match their personal stroke. In the strict rules of golf, the type of ball a player uses is essential knowledge to determine points.

Whether you golf yourself or simply have clients who do, why not have their ball distinguished with your logo as well as their preferred weight and brand? By ordering custom golf balls from Clarington Promotions, you can distinguish your business or even an event, and remind patrons of it every time they play a game of golf.

Promotional Golf Balls and Tees

With our custom promotional golf ball and tee sets, you don’t have to worry about getting your customers any old golf ball that will sit on a shelf. We emblazon the logo of your organization on golf balls from top brands like Titleist, Wilson, and Callaway, and have multiple models from every brand. In addition, you can order them as custom golf gift sets with tees and attractive packaging to foster positive brand recognition with your golf-playing clientele.


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