5 Reasons Political Campaigns Need Promotional Items

  • Sep 15, 2022

5 Reasons Political Campaigns Need Promotional Items

Promotional items are ubiquitous across many industries. If you attend trade conventions or sponsored events, there's a good chance you've either handed them out or received them. These items provide numerous marketing benefits and brand-building potential, but they needn't be limited to corporate events and other private industries.

Promotional items can also serve a valuable role in political campaigns and government agencies. Whether you're about to embark on a new campaign or you want to show your constituents how effective you've been, promotional items can help. Here are five reasons you should consider this marketing strategy for your political campaign.

1. Improved Brand Awareness

Branding is an aspect of politics that's often overlooked but is critically important in many campaigns. Freelancers and contractors understand a fundamental reality: they are their own personal brand. Politicians need to take a similar approach. Your brand can be as simple as your name or as complex as a slogan that makes your campaign easily recognizable to voters.

Promotional items help build brand awareness by placing relatively durable goods in the hands of people who attend your events. Instead of fliers or other promotional materials that might quickly end up in the trash, items like pens and apparel typically have a much longer shelf life. As a result, you can gain far more exposure as people continue to use these items for days, weeks, or months.

2. More Consistent Marketing

Promotional items are just one aspect of any marketing campaign, including political ones. If you think back to the most famous political campaigns in history, they typically involved one or two catchy slogans or straightforward color schemes and designs. These elements work because they're easy to carry through multiple marketing channels, from television advertisements to promotional gear.

Promotional items that bear recognizable designs, color schemes, or slogans are an excellent way to ensure that your campaign maintains this consistent marketing approach. Voters and constituents will learn to associate these elements with your campaign, helping to reinforce your brand in the public's eye.

3. Better Fundraising Opportunities

Not every promotional product needs to be a freebie that you give away during rallies or other events. Selling quality items, such as t-shirts, drinkware, or even phone cases and bags, is an excellent way to raise funds for any campaign. Since your buyers are likely to be invested in your campaign, they'll likely be willing to chip in extra funds to help support your goals.

These items have another benefit, however. While many people may not place too much value on items they receive for free, most people tend to take better care of the products they purchase. Selling promotional items encourages people to hold onto them for longer, increasing the likelihood that your branding will ultimately reach a more significant number of voters.

4. Improved Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Efforts

The best branding in the world isn't necessarily effective if your voters don't make it to the polls. Fortunately, promotional items can help with GOTV efforts in numerous ways. Not only do giveaways help to remind voters to get to the polls, but you can also use them closer to election time to encourage people to come out and do their civic duty.

5. Local Relationships

Whether you're operating at a federal, provincial, or municipal level, there's no denying that working with local companies comes with many advantages. Voters often want to know that candidates are supporting Canadian companies and workers. By choosing a Canadian supplier of promotional goods, you'll have an opportunity to build these local relationships and show them off to your voters.

Clarington Promotions is a local Canadian company that can provide a vast range of branded products for nearly any purpose. Give us a call today to discuss your options or place an order if you think our promotional products may be a good fit for your political campaign. 

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